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If you book in our B&B you automatically agree with our house rules:

1. The room needs to be left on time and tidy
2. Al reservations will be done trough Phone or email and confirmed trough mail. A deposit off 50 euros will be required
3. We sell consumptions. You’re not allowed to bring your own unless necessary.
4. Fire unsafe items like candles are forbidden.
5. Please respect the silence in our B&B.
6. You’re not allowed to change settings of our electronic devices.
7. If you lose the remote of the TV, DVD or air conditioner you will have to pay a compensation of 100 euros.
8. Drugs are strictly forbidden.
9. B&B North-south can’t be deemed responsible for accidents or item/health damage.
10. Cancellation should be done 72 hours in advance. Deposits won’t be paid back.
11. You’re not allowed to steal or damage our properties.
12. In the grand luxury room you need to take a shower before using the Jacuzzi or sauna.
13. In the grand luxury room it is required to place a towel under you when using the sauna.
14. In the grand luxury room it is not allowed to add products to the Jacuzzi.
15. In the grand luxury room flip flops are obligated.

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